Eco-friendly meets Photographic quality

We at Chrysels don’t just believe in offering you the state-of-the-art technological solutions, we stand in doing it the most efficient way. Our flat-bed UV printer provides highly personalized, hi-precision and eco-friendly printing on a variety of substrates.

Our Flat-bed UV printing in Dubai has the capability to print on substrates of up to 5cm thickness while providing near photographic image quality. As one of the top companies for UV printing in Dubai, we provide solutions for retail displays, signage, banners and posters, wood décor, acrylic plaques, glass and metal panels and many more.

UV Printing Service

Our flatbed UV printing service offers high-quality, versatile printing onto irregular shaped rigid substrates like carpets, acrylic, glass, wood metal and many others.

Acrylic Printing

We offer a vast selection of customizable designs for acrylic printing. Showcase your selection of stunning designs and images with our high-quality Acrylic Printing. Available in various thicknesses and sizes.

Carpet Printing

Chrysels provide highly customizable carpet printing services of superior quality as we have an eye for detail to serve you with the best. We possess a eco-friendly UV Flatbed printer capable of printing on carpets keeping the quality and environment in mind.

Flat Metal Printing

Print your favorite designs on flat metal surfaces using our UV Flatbed Printed, without compromising on the quality of the design or image.

Glass Printing

We offer a vast selection of customizable designs for Glass printing in Dubai and Acrylic printing in Dubai. Showcase your selection of stunning designs and images with our high-quality Glass printing and Acrylic printing.

Laminates Printing

Want a different print on different occasions? Highly flexible laminates is the answer. Equip our beautiful selection of laminate designs that are highly flexible and can be changed for your comfort.

Leather Printing and Marble Printing

Custom leather printing of superior quality using cutting edge UV printing services to give your leather products a personalized and creative touch. Print durable and high-quality designs and patterns on Marble surfaces with Chrysels.

Magnetic Applications

Want to get your favorite design printed on a magnet? Think Chrysels. We provide customizable printing of various sizes of magnets to suit various kinds of applications.

Textured Printing

Get the most from our UV printers using Textured printing services that allow printing creative and unique designs on Textured polymer surfaces.

Wood and Tile Printing

Get personalized designs printed on a wide selection of Wooden surfaces, and Ceramic and Porcelain tile surfaces that give a personal and modern touch to your home or workplace.

Xanita Board

Get your Xanita boards printed with your choice of designs and to give it a creative touch, using our eco-friendly UV printing services. Let’s be creative and save the environment.

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UV Printing in Dubai

Our UV Printing Services provide an exceptional quality of detail and precision in large format printing. Watch the printer in action below.

Our UV printer is capable of various kinds of printing applications that include but are not limited to carpet printing, glass printing, tile printing, textured printing, leather printing and many more.

Eco-Friendly Technology

Our UV printing is done through a UV Flatbed printer that implements the use of eco-friendly technology using UV inks as a substitute for traditional inks without compromising the quality of the print. This makes our product environment friendly and suitable to the clients requirements.

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