UV Printing

UV Printing on Wood Printed Carpets UV Printed Acrylic UV Printed Marble UV Printed Laminates UV Printed Xanita Board UV Printing on Wood

Our flat-bed UV printer provides highly personalized, hi-precision and eco-friendly printing on a variety of substrates.

Flat-bed UV printing has the capability to print on substrates of up to 5cm thickness while providing near photographic image quality. It is ideal for applications such as Retail displays, Signage, banners and posters, wood décor, acrylic plaques, glass and metal panels and many more.

UV Printing Service

Our flatbed UV printing service offers high-quality, versatile printing onto irregular shaped rigid substrates like carpets, acrylic, glass, wood metal and many others.

Carpet Printing
Elevated/Texture Printing
Flat Metal
Glass & Acrylic
Leather & Marble
Magnetic Applications
Wood & Tiles
Xanita Board

UV Printing in Dubai

Our UV Printing Services provide an exceptional quality of detail and precision in large format printing. Watch the printer in action below.

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Our Clients

We have the privilege of working for some of the top global brands across diverse industries. Here's a few of them.

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