Chrysels offers internal signage in a multitude of exciting forms to suit a diverse mix of environments and signage requirements.

From corporate identity signage to retail signage, illuminated signs, and wayfinding signage systems, Chrysels designs and manufactures bespoke internal signage solutions systems that suit the needs and budgets of every organization in every sector.


Reception signs to door signs to suspended ceiling signs we offer all types.

3D LED Letter

The world of signs isn’t flat anymore. Any shape or letter can be formed into a three-dimensional object, making it possible to present your business with signs that literally stand out from the rest as three-dimensional works of art. We offer fully custom 3D Signs and dimensional Letters for any application. Three-dimensional signs are also produced in different color.

Directory Signs

Directory Signs are used to help visitors find directions inside a facility. They avoid unnecessary confusion and maximize efficiency in your facility with proper directions. Mostly useful inside airports, malls, schools, theme parks and all other large indoor facilities.

Door Signs

A door sign acts as an initial welcome to visitors, whether it’s the entrance to your home, a shop or a company. These signs also give instructions, tell you what to expect next, keep untrained people out, provide emergency instructions in case of a fire, etc. Used in restaurants, office spaces, malls, hotels, theatres and many other places.

Engraved & Etched Signs

Engraved and etched are different types of marking methods used to create Signs depending on the look you want to achieve. Engraving – this marking method uses tools that are directly applied to the metal to create grooves that result in sunken and raised parts that make up the sign or nameplate. Etching is a method of marking that involves the use of acid, or any other chemical that eats into metal. This particular marking method uses protective compounds like resin or beeswax to cover areas that are not supposed to be eaten away by the mordant or acid.

Hospital Signs

Wayfinding in hospital and health care centers is easy when you have signs guiding you. Medical Wayfinding Signs help visitors find their way without wasting time. Signs with symbols make your message comprehensible to multicultural visitors. These signs can be used for every administrative and critical care location- from billing and cafe to cardiology and MRI/PET scan rooms.

Hotel signs

We offer various types of signs for your hotel corridors, rooms, doors, reception areas, kitchens, bathrooms, parking lots, and many more locations. Our Signs can be customized to match the lavish interiors of your hotel and make navigation easy for your guests.

Metal Signs

Metal Signage serve as a magnet in attracting attention and crowd. We use metals like aluminum, steel, stainless steel, bronze, brass and armor wood among others to make thick, sturdy and distinctive metal signs. Aluminum being the most prominently used metal is the go-to choice for signage thanks to its rust-free, water-proof and weather-resistant quality. These metals can be lettered on both sides and are easy to install.

Reception Signs

A properly designed and executed custom reception sign conveys confidence and inspires loyalty. It sets the tone of your business relationship. Our expert designers and craftsmen use the highest quality materials, precision technologies, and impeccable attention to detail, to ensure that your custom lobby sign or custom reception area sign is a powerful and effective expression of your corporate identity.

Suspended Ceiling Signs

Suspended ceiling signage is the perfect solution for open plan environments such as workspaces, auditoriums and showrooms or for areas where wall-mounted or free-standing signage isn’t possible or aesthetically appropriate. With similar advantages to projecting signage, suspended signage is a highly visible solution that can carry digital printed media on both sides incorporating logos, text, icons and graphics to really make its presence felt.

Retail Signs

Retail Signs are an important tool to market your products and services. They have to be impactful to make you stand out and draw attention of your potential customers. We offer creatively designed, one-of-a kind Retail Sign that conveys your brand message effectively and promote your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All types of business require internal signages, these would be reception signage, signage for doors among necessary ones and optional signage would way-finding signage among others.
Interior signages are highly durable if they’re maintained well but keep in mind that the maintenance for signages varies from material to material, so kindly contact us to give you accurate information if you’ve purchased from us.
Yes, we have LED Signages are illuminated to grab a higher attraction and for an increase in visibility. Kindly contact our team for options that’ll be suitable for you.
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