Exterior signs will often be the first contact that a visitor has with an organization or property – so they need to work hard. Exterior Signage should welcome, inform, direct and protect, but that vital first impression also speaks volumes about what a company stands for and what it represents. Chrysels offers a holistic and creative approach that addresses issues from aesthetics, navigation to corporate branding for creating exterior Signage that looks and feels right.


Building signs to pylon signs to LED Neon Signs there is no limit to our Signage offerings.

3D Metal Letters / Channel Letters

Channel letter Signs are an impactful Signage choice. They are 3D letter signs that are dynamic and eye-catching. The letters are bold, individually lit and individually built to ensure the most visibility. They are highly customizable in terms of the choices for fonts, colors, material and design.

ACP Cladding

Shop front cladding for fixing signs.

Aluminum Composite panels (ACP) is manufactured by multi-layer extrusion lamination where two skins of non-corrosive special grade aluminum is sandwiched on to non-toxic polyethylene thermoplastic or a fire retardant mineral core. The external skin surface is available in various finishes and colors made from PVDF paint coatings. Key features of this product include – attractive designs, durability, longevity, smooth surface, high tolerance and easy installation.

Backlit & Frontlit Signs

Back lit and Front lit Signs are an excellent option if you are looking to attract people to your product, business or logo. They are also a great choice for outdoor Signage. We use high quality water proof LED lights to withstand any weather. The lighting effect is an effective way to get daytime and nighttime visibility for your business.

Building Parking Signs

Parking Signs help you turn your parking lot into a well-organized extension of your business. We offer all types of parking signs – Handicap Parking Signs, Parking Prohibited Signs, Customer Parking Signs, Directional Parking Signs, Pedestrian Crossing Signs, Entrance and Exit Signs, Stop Signs, Speed Limit Signs and many others too.

Building Signs

Chrysels will help your business stand out with professional building signs. These signs are installed at the façade of your building and they increase visibility and help people spot and identify your business. Can be customized as per requirements and budget.

Flex Signboard

Flex signs are mainly used at outdoor shop fronts, retail parks, airports, train stations, bus stands, sports stadiums etc. They are completely weather resistant, PVC substrate material is ideal for large scale Signage and easy to transport. Light but robust aluminum profiles for longevity of Signage. Can be illuminated using LED lights.

Free Standing Letters/Hashtag Sign

These signs are popular at weddings and advertising events. They serve as a tool to attract crowd while promoting your brand and can be customized as per requirements.

LED Neon Signs

LED Neon Signs are highly customizable, affordable, durable, energy efficient and safe. They can brighten up any space and make it look good. Take your business logo, name, or any other shape and we will make it for you. These signs can be used at homes, businesses, restaurants, weddings or any other event.

Safety Signs

Chrysels offers construction safety signs that are specifically made to resist the extreme weather conditions of construction site. Safety signs are an essential tool to clearly notify site workers and visitors of company policies and warn of dangers. They not only keep the workers safe, but also help your facility to maintain and avoid any municipality fines.

Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding Signs use a system of signs, signals and other visual cues to help people navigate from one place to another. Most common places where wayfinding signs can be used include airports, malls, resorts, theme parks etc.

Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs can help direct traffic to your business location and communicate the message of a single business or multi-tenant complex. These customizable pylon signs are very popular when it comes to identifying shopping plazas and industrial complexes, car dealerships, gas stations, restaurants, mini-malls, hotels, and retail locations. Pylons are durable, medium to large-scale freestanding structures. Often fabricated from aluminum and steel they are illuminated using LED light to advertise your business 24 hours a day! Single or double sided, custom paint colors are available to complement your architecture or corporate identity.

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