Variation Brandings and Privacy

Window stickers have a variety of uses. Do you have a large glass surface that you can seize for branding? Or is it that you want some privacy in today’s tall glass buildings where everyone can see what everyones doing, not to mention distraction and inefficiency becomes the best friend? The answer to both is Window glass stickers. There are variations of window stickers that help you achieve different things!

Frosted glass stickers can be used for office glass stickers and conference glass stickers where opaqueness is preferred for privacy without compromising on the light. It is easy to clean with regular glass cleaning products.

Chrysels offers a fully customized window sticker print, as well as cut and installation service at competitive prices.

Frosted Stickers

Frosted stickers are a great material for branding large surfaces. The name comes from the fact that the sticker is frosted so that it gives an almost opaque surface. Frosted glass stickers are often used for office glass stickers and conference glass stickers due to the opaqueness and privacy it offers. Except for white ink, the other inks are transparent on the frosted sticker. Also, frosted glass window stickers can be pre cut into any design.

One Way Vision

One Way Vision Stickers are self adhesive vinyl that’s perfect for showcasing advertising graphics. One cannot go wrong with our one way vision stickers, because of the large format and the wow factor. It’s called a one way vision sticker because when your audience looks at the side that’s printed, they’ll only see the advertisements but from the inside looking out, you can see everything right through the graphics.

Clear Vinyl Stickers

Clear Vinyl Stickers are clear stickers where one can custom it to graphics, or their logo or any other advertisements. Clear vinyl stickers can be printed in normal print, reverse printing with white back and reverse printing without white back. Normal printing and reverse printing offers a clear background. However, reverse printing with white back offers an opaque white background.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frosted window stickers would be recommended for that as frosted glass stickers offers privacy from either side.
Frosted glass stickers are the best when it comes to branding or advertising in offices large spaces like your store or company from the outside building whereas one way vision is more recommended for moving media, shops and retail window displays as well.
Yes, Chrysels offers you highly durable window stickers that you can use for quite a while!
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