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Did you know that if someone sees something for 7 times, it imprints on their minds? That’s exactly why Vehicle Branding in Dubai is important! Vehicle branding is not only a popular marketing tool but it is also a very effective and unique form of outdoor moving media that grabs attention no matter where you go. Vehicle branding makes sure that your brand imprints itself on to your audience, thereby potentially even increasing your customer conversion rate.

At Chrysels, we change the way your vehicle looks by custom vehicle graphics printing and doing a full vehicle graphics wrap using vinyl wraps that’s easy to apply, remove, and provide more protection than car paint. We also take approvals for designs for vehicle graphics in Dubai on your behalf from the Road and Transport Authority (RTA).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle graphics using vinyl wrap is highly durable if the maintenance is done right. It relatively lasts for 5-7 years.
No, vehicle branding in Dubai won’t ruin your car paint (both factory and high-quality). In fact, it keeps the finish of your car paint intact and brand new!
We recommend using a vinyl wrap for vehicle branding since it’s much more affordable than paint and you get a variation of finishes too. Also, if you ever want to change it, then it’s much easier and cheaper compared to a custom paint.
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