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Communicate your message to the masses with our high-quality posters. These days, posters are the best way to communicate various kinds of important messages to various masses through design posters, such as social awareness posters, earth day posters, anti-bullying posters, save water posters, movie posters, or your obvious advertising posters. Be it at events, on the streets, inside malls and offices, and anywhere people congregate or pass through, they’ve always caught the attention and turned heads.

Posters are the best way to communicate to your audience as it’s the first thing they see, before they even enter your store/company. Posters are also a great way to encourage the people to ensure healthy hygienic habits.

We offer you a variety of poster designs and finishes that you can use wherever you see fit. We also do custom designs that encourage safety measures for your audience. Printing on Forex either directly or through a PVC vinyl that’s mounted on a Forex sheet, We at Chrysels offer you custom poster designs according to your guidelines, which can elevate the appearance of any indoor space instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Posters are printed either directly on the forex sheet or we print it on PVC Vinyl and mount it on a forex sheet.
Time taken for printing large format posters depends on various factors such as its size, posters in the queue, network speed among other things. It’s advisable to print it at least prior 48 hours before use.
Posters are available in standard sizes like A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 and also in custom sizes as per requirement.
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