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Elegant and Effective

Light Box signage is the way to go when you want an LED advertising display. Backlit Signage are perfect advertising solutions because you don’t just get a higher quality illuminated backlight display but you get it through emitting less heat. It’s a win-win through a corporate and an economic point of view! Light Box signage through LED’s are great for both indoor and outdoor advertising applications such as hospitality, retail, healthcare among other industries.

The wow factor of LED lightbox signage doesn’t just turn heads but it’s effective for every display needs a company has, ranging from corporate lobby showcases to fast food menus and art gallery displays.

Double Sided Light Box

We offer backlit fabric light boxes that are eye-catchy and help to advertise your brand effectively at a reasonable cost. Our Fabric light boxes are made of aluminium frame and offer good durability.

Size: 100cm x 200cm
Frame: Aluminum

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Light Box Media Options

We offer 3 different material choices for the lightbox signage Dubai.

Backlit Film

Backlit films are great to produce digital graphics due to the opaqueness of the film. This type of backlit signages is ideal for every location you can think of.

Backlit Fabric

Backlit fabric that’s digitally printed is used in the backlit tension fabric system in 2 ways, either by including or by excluding silicone strips. The silicone strips that are used is the industry standard strip on 14mm. The strip is then sewn to all 4 sides by our finishing department and inserted around the frame through the extrusion channel. The sleek and edgeless look of backlit fabric that’s accomplished in this way makes it a great option for retail displays and trade shows as well as for wrapping lightboxes and custom frames. Also, UV printing and dye sublimation printing can be achieved on fabric through environmentally friendly inks.

Backlit Flex

Backlit flex material of backlit signage is special high transmittance PVC banners that are particularly glazed for digital printing. Solvent and UV Printers can be used for backlit flex. It’s weather-resistant and waterproof, making it perfect for outdoor and indoor use. Also, lower translucency means higher clarity with backlight, so win-win!

Light Box Media Printing

High-quality lightbox media printing to meet every backlit display need, from fast food menus to movie poster lightboxes, and from corporate lobby showcase to backlit photo frames for fine art gallery display.

Material: Backlit Film – Eco-Solvent Printing, Backlit Film – UV Printing, Backlit Flex – UV Printing, Fabric Media – UV Printing, Fabric Media – Dye Sublimation
Silicon Stitching: No Stitching, Edge Stitching with Silicone Strip
Lamination: Matt, Gloss
Flush/Edge Cutting: Cut to Edge, Cut with Bleed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lightbox signages are display signage that’s illuminated through LED lightings. They are great for advertising your companies as they easily catch the attention of those walking by no matter what time of day it is, be it morning, evenings, and at night.
Chrysels use high-quality products for our lightbox signage and every display that we design so the lightbox signage will be in very good condition for a long period of time. However, every display needs maintenance and it could be an inspection every few months to once in a year depending on various factors. Kindly contact our team for us to let you know the exact details.
Yes, backlit signages can be used both indoor and outdoor. Kindly contact the chrysels team for your exact requirements for the backlit signage-company-dubai-company-dubai.
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