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Advertising pop up tents also known as canopies or gazebos are a great tool for brand building and product marketing. These are cost effective, easy to assemble, washable and can be custom made using any fabric of your choice. Chrysels can make and print custom designs on tents and umbrellas for any event. We also ship and install on-site.

We also provide custom printed advertising umbrellas. These umbrellas are commonly branded with company logos or other business identity for promotions and events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We manufacture completely customizable tents tailored to your requirements to bring out the best in your company.
Well, the purchase of tents solely depends on the size and industry of your company. There are small and cost-efficient tents that suit the image of small businesses whereas huge businesses may opt for an expensive and fancy tent to match their stature.
Yes, these displays feature the highest quality of dye sublimation printing. They are wrinkle-free and washable which increases their durability for a set period of time.
Durable and strong outdoor fabrics are used to create high quality customized tents and steel frames are used to support the tent fabric.
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