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Fabric displays are lightweight, portable, easy to assemble and affordable fabric printing solution which can be used for any event and location. The best part of fabric displays is that there’s no hassle to customize it according to different events. Chrysels provides varieties of fabric displays which include toblerones, fabric light boxes, pop up stands, standees and more. With wrinkle resistant and washable fabrics, our fabric displays feature the highest quality dye sublimation printing.

A Stands

The sleek appearance of A Stand fabric displays makes it great for road shows, promotions and exhibitions as they easily grab the attention of the beholder. They are ideal as an advertising board as well as a message board.

Fabric Lightbox

You say portable and lightweight, we say Fabric Lightbox. It's light weight and easy to assemble fabric design makes it a great medium of advertisement by eliminating the hassle that’s usually involved with conventional advertising solutions. Fabric light boxes are great for both indoor, and outdoor use.

Pop up Stands

Gone are the days of hassle and in are the days of convenience. Fabric pop up stands outranks the conventional display stands as it’s easily portable and sturdy whilst looking as attractive as ever.

Barricade Branding

Fabric Display Barricade Covers brings colour and attractiveness to any fence. Not just that, fabric barricades are a double sided win as it’s also a medium for advertising your brand message, thereby increasing brand awareness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wrinkles appear on fabric pop-ups when it’s stored or folded for too long, but fortunately, these aren’t permanent. What you can do to eliminate it is to firstly get a high-quality fabric pop up and also carry a small steamer in your display, and use that to get rid of wrinkles on your fabric pop up stands.
Chrysels provides varieties of fabric displays which include but are not limited to, toblerones, fabric lightboxes, pop up stands, and standees.
Yes, these displays feature the highest quality of dye sublimation printing. They are wrinkle-free and washable which increases their durability for a set period of time.
Well, fabric display in Dubai is one of the best options for advertising as it is flexible and lightweight which makes it easy to transport from one location to another.
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