Chrysels provide fabric printing services that offers unlimited options to choose from. Flags to fabric light boxes, Tents to toblerones, you choose and we print.

We do fabric printing on a wide range of fabrics for your designs, patterns, logos and photos. Our fabric printing offers deep full color and high quality dye-sublimation. Some of our products include flag printing, banners, fabric light boxes, fabric displays, fabric A stands, advertising tents and umbrellas. When it comes to choices for fabric printing at Chrysels, there truly is no limit. Order with us to have your custom designs for fabric printing in dubai.

Our Fabric Printing Service in Dubai

Flag Printing

Vibrant colors and wide varieties of flags to choose from

Fabric Displays

Attractive, portable and cost effective display solutions.

Tents & Umbrella

Branded tents and umbrellas made to make an impression at events.

Custom Branding

All kinds of custom printing solutions including National Day branding.

Our Clients

We have the privilege of working for some of the top global brands across diverse industries. Here's a few of them.

Superior Custom Fabric Printing

We provide fabric printing solutions for companies that want high resolution graphics at a low cost. If you’re looking for a company that offers custom fabric printing in Dubai, then you’ve come to the right place. The best part of fabric printing is that it allows you to print any custom design and with our combination of great technology and superior manpower, we can achieve any design that you have for your graphics and not just that, our custom fabric solutions feel rich with over the standard color and accuracy.

Did we say that it’s environment friendly, sort of?

One of the reasons why digital fabric printing has become superlative is the fact that you waste less; less energy, less ink, less water. Add on with a result of a superior quality, and voila, you get a great custom fabric printing solution without adding on to the amount of waste conventional printing does.

Have you got any queries? We are here to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fabric printing is the method of designing your custom fabric designs on a device and then printing it onto fabric substrates that are pre-heated for advertising or other purposes.
Dye sublimation is a fabric printing process on polyester or polymer substrates that are dye-sub ready through the process of heat. The ink of sublimation converts solid form to a gaseous form and prints on substrates through heat and constraint. You can use full, bright, and multiple colors with gaseous ink resulting in a flawless finish.
UV printing is a type of large format printing that uses ultraviolet lights to dry ink immediately as and when it’s being printed, resulting in a clean, high-quality product with no trace of spread ink. This is also an eco-friendly digital printing process as it releases almost no heat, volatile organic compounds (VOC), or odor. A Flatbed UV printer enables the printing process on thicker substrates such as acrylic whilst maintaining the high-quality.
We offer fabric printing services on a variety of fabrics such as Satin Fabric, Knitted Polyester, stretchable fabrics and more. Contact us to know more on the available options and find out what suits best for your need.
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