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Our fabric printing service offers unlimited options to choose from. Flags to fabric light boxes. Tents to toblerones, you choose and we print.

We print your designs, patterns, logos and photos on a wide range of fabrics. Our fabric printing offers full color and high quality dye-sublimation. Some of our products include flags, banners, fabric light boxes, fabric displays, tents and umbrellas. When it comes to choices for fabric printing at Chrysels, there truly is no limit. Have your design custom printed to order with us.

Our Fabric Printed Products

Flag Printing

Vibrant colors and wide varieties of flags to choose from

Fabric Displays

Attractive, portable and cost effective display solutions.

Tents & Umbrella

Branded tents and umbrellas made to make an impression at events.

Custom Branding

All kinds of custom printing solutions including National Day branding.

Our Clients

We have the privilege of working for some of the top global brands across diverse industries.

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