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Create an everlasting impression with Chrysels. We supply high-quality bespoke Digital Signage solutions, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use like Digital Kiosks, Videowall, transparent LED screens, etc.

Digital Signage is a perfect choice of the display that will enhance the effectiveness of your advertisements, as it delivers a rich visual experience that attracts and delights your potential customers. Digital Signage solutions include – Digital Kiosk, Outdoor and Indoor LED Screens, Video Wall, and Transparent LED Screens.

Chrysels is the region’s leading Digital Signage in Dubai supplier providing top quality products and professional solutions to help your marketing initiatives and grow your business. Contact us to know more about Digital Signage in Dubai.

Digital Kiosks

Eye Catching Content

Digital Kiosk also know as advertising displays is an attractive way to display Digital Signage in Dubai. The slick appearance of Digital Kiosk looks great in various locations, such as retail stores, leisure halls, showrooms, car dealerships, tourist attractions plus many more. The Digital Kiosk of Digital Signage is designed to run eye catching content at an eye level that will enhance and impress the audience in any environment. Digital Kiosk comes in a variety of sizes and facilities like touchscreen.

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Indoor LED Display

Impactful Visuals

Create impactful visuals of Digital LED Signage through our LED displays. LED Display of digital signage has become increasingly popular and for good reason. From small to large LED screen walls, dance floors, transparent screens, ceiling and more, Indoor LED display can capture your audience’s attention on the spot! Our indoor LED displays are designed to be energy efficient, easy to install and hassle-free content update. Nightclubs, car dealerships, events, and many other industries see increased profits through advertising with LED signage.

Pixel Pitch Indoor: 1.9mm, 2.6mm, 3.1mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm, 6.9mm, 7.8mm

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Outdoor LED Display

Aesthetics and Technology

LED Display visual is one of the best methods to grab and hold on to the attention of the audience unlike conventional advertising, especially in an outdoor environment. An outdoor LED display can make statements of various kinds, be it of extravagance or aesthetic vibes. Designed with advanced technology, our outdoor LED screen comes with smart monitoring and is simple and error free. The best part is that the LED display connects to PC, Tablets, IPad, and Smartphones.

The Pixel Pitch starts from P5 to p16 mm and the modules come with low power consumption. The units are stable and tested for extreme weather and harsh conditions come with 3 Years Guarantee.

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Transparent LED Display

Stunning and Cost-Effective

Transparent LED displays of Digital Signage brings a stunning, attractive and cost-effective digital signage solution to businesses that want to deliver engaging and powerful messages to their customers in an innovative and modern way. Various options of Transparent LED screens are available and are customized to businesses’ needs and budgets to boost sales and achieve a return on investment. The pixel pitch can be 5mm / 6mm to 16mm depending upon the requirement and custom design. The Cabinet is fully Aluminum. The screen has a Horizontal and Vertical view angle of 160 degree. Suitable for indoor and outdoor digital signage usage.

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Video Wall

High-way or No-way

Did you say stunning and reliable? Digital Video Walls is exactly that. Chrysels provide stunning, dynamic and reliable digital signage solutions and one of those is video walls. Our astonishing and immersive video walls empower you to attract, inform, and engage your audience in a high-impact way. We offer seamless installations and dedicated technical support to ensure that you get the most out of our impressive digital signage video walls in Dubai. Video walls are used by leading retailers, airports, businesses, public venues, and educational facilities around the world.

Leading Retailers Airports Businesses Public Venues Educational

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Digital signage increases brand awareness by 47.7%, increases persuasion by 43% and increases impulse purchases by 19%, 4 out of 5 brands noticed a 33% increase in sales.
Often most people only think about their customers coming away to make a purchase, and very little thought is gone for after that point of purchase. The best advantage of a visual digital sign is that it offers a high amount of customer recall rates and retention as they’re highly likely to remember visual digital signage compared to others.
Digital signage is the ball game if you want to think about the long run as they don’t just improve sales and engagement, but they increase brand awareness like no other, thereby increasing the potential of new customers to a whole new level.
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