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Attractive and fully customized visual merchandising and Signage solutions in Acrylic.

Acrylic enhances the look of your branding solutions and Signage because of its high-quality glass like appearance. It is light weight yet tough, highly customizable and can be molded into any shape and size easily. Also offers high durability and easy to maintain. We offer different solutions like kiosks, podiums, display stands, chairs, coffee tables, counters, decorative items and Signage in acrylic.

Brochure Holders

Single tier or multi-tier, wall mounted or free standing brochure holders to keep all your brochures in one place.

Counter Inserts

Acrylic holder with interchangeable inserts ideal for conferences, seminars, reception areas, counters and desks.

Counter Display

Acrylic countertop displays are durable and visually attractive to customers.

Display Shoe Risers

Show off the shoes in your shop by choosing the right acrylic shoe risers. Available in different sizes and colors.

Display Stands

Attractive multi-purpose display stands in different designs that can be used to keep cell phones, perfumes, make-up items and all other items organized in one place.

Illuminated Acrylic Cubes

Illuminate collectibles, merchandise and more using illuminated acrylic cubes in different colors and lighting options.

Raffle Boxes

Acrylic raffle boxes can be used for any cause, promotional giveaway, company party or trade shows.

Sandwich Frames

Acrylic Sandwich frames are a great option if you want to change the display frequently. Commonly used in malls, shops, hospitals, etc.


We specialize in creating customized stylish acrylic awards, trophies, and plaques that perfectly deliver your message.

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