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Diversification is the key to remaining one of the leaders in the market and we at Chrysels, do just that. We have now diversified the scope of our business by adding 3D printing services to our mix.

Just like our other products, whatever we do for our clients, the highest quality has always been our benchmark and this won’t be produced at nothing less. Having acquired efficient industrial grade 3D printers a little before, we made sure we honed our endless production capability before bringing it to you.

We have been one the leading manufacturers in signage and large format printing for over a decade, and now, by specializing in 3D printing services in Dubai, we are looking forward to serving you with high-quality 3D printed sculptures to showcase your vision or products through 3D models.

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3d Printing Company in Dubai

We currently specialize in Fused deposition modeling or more commonly known as FDM 3D printing, a method of printing 3D models by fusing materials together in a pattern to create an object, of any kind. So now, you can print your signage in 3D and flaunt your company name in a grand manner.

Cost-efficient and Seamless

We have machines that are capable of Dual-Extrusion, meaning that at least 2 materials can be crafted at any given time, be it a solid or flexible material. We provide cost-efficient and time saving 3D printing with independent print heads that allow for seamless duplication and mirroring.

Our Clients

We have the privilege of working for some of the top global brands across diverse industries. Here's a few of them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we use PLA (Polylactic Acid) popularly known for abundant usage in 3D printers, and PETG filament, which is known to be an extremely strong material.
FDM is a method of 3D printing that is conducted by fusing layers of materials in the form of any pattern to create a solid or flexible object.
The material is melted up to a point and extruded in a pattern next to or on top of the previous extrusions, thereby creating an object layer by layer.
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