Our Products

At Chrysels, we provide a wide range of products to cater to the Branding, Visual Merchandising and Signage needs of our customers. Our products are high quality, visually appealing and customized according to the customer’s requirements. We pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing all our products in house.

Acrylic Works

Attractive and fully customized visual merchandising and Signage solutions in Acrylic.

Digital Printing

We are a one stop shop for all your digital printing requirements. Banners to vehicle branding, wallpapers to window stickers, we print everything in-house.

Digital Signage

Chrysels supplies high quality bespoke Digital Signage solutions suitable for indoor and outdoor use like Digital Kiosks, Video wall, transparent LED screens, etc.

Fabric Printing

Our fabric printing service offers unlimited options to choose from. Flags to fabric light boxes. Tents to toblerones, you choose and we print.

Joinery Works

We pride ourselves in being joinery and fabrication specialists. We offer in-house custom décor production and assemble services.

Sanitization & PPE

Specialised disinfection & sanitization solutions to combat and prevent harmful spread of germs and viruses.


We provide end-to-end, 360 degree Signage solutions tailored to your needs. All our Signages are manufactured in-house at our workshop.


Décor items and 2D, 3D sculptures with detailed carving in Styrofoam.

UV Flatbed Printing

Our flat-bed UV printer provides highly personalized, hi-precision and eco-friendly printing on a variety of substrates.

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