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UV Printing – For quality speed to market printing experience

UV printing is a unique type of digital printing that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to dry or cure the ink, adhesives, or coatings practically as soon as they strike the paper, aluminum, foam board, or acrylic – in fact, the technology may be used to print on almost anything as long as it fits in the printer.


Our flatbed UV printing device provides the highest durability along with crisp performances that would attract customers and helps the news reach the target audience. Whether on bottles or on trophies UV printing is the finest option among all. We can now print directly onto sheets instead of producing self-adhesive roll vinyl and then attaching it to the board because we have a production flatbed UV printer. We were able to achieve cheaper costs and much higher throughput as a result of this change in manufacturing.


Acrylic is one of the most used materials in the signage and Digital printing industry because of its transparent characteristics. This characteristic allows acrylic UV printers to print or transfer images or text directly onto Trophies, mementos, awards, plaques, acrylic sheets, signage making it extremely flexible.

What makes UV printing special?

  • Optimum usage of inks- New Large Capacity Bulk Ink System, decreases time in refills and helps to enjoy 100% utilization of available ink
  • Repeatability
  • Produces ADA-compliant/Braille signage
  • Texture printing for Standard flat prints, as well as 3-dimensional prints for a distinctive look and feel
  • Cylindrical object and bottle printing
  • Print on wood, metals, ceramic tiles, plastics, glass, industrial parts, promotional products and so much more!
  • Printing is made simple by directly printing on the needed garment or substrate

Chrysels printing services in Dubai provide you and your customers with these exceptional ranges of services with the highest quality. This service is ideal for personalizing or customizing presents, business merchandise, and promotional materials. UV printing will undoubtedly improve the appearance of your items, impress potential and existing clients, and, as a result, increase your brand image.

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