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The superiority of UV Printing and how it can benefit you

In today’s world, where global warming has become the biggest concern with greenhouse gas emissions at its peak, we at Chrysels don’t just believe in providing you with the best technological solutions, we stand in doing it in the most efficient way possible. We present to you, our state-of-the-art incorporation, a green innovation that emits as good as zero carbon footprint – Arizona Flatbed UV Printer.

Features and Benefits

  • The 3 x 2.5 m can print on any substrates up to 5 cm thick
  • An 8-channel model that includes support for CMYK plus White, Varnish, light Cyan and Magenta inks.
  • Near photographic image quality.

Environment Friendly

UV printers, unlike its conventional counterpart, uses non-solvent-based ink, releasing zero VOC’s into the air. This, though not directly, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and the carbon footprint making it a green technology.

Print on Whatever

If you can fit it, you can print it. This level of an endless versatile application is a factor that makes it so great, especially on non-porous surfaces. It is more than ideal on retail displays, signage, banners and posters, wood decor, acrylic plaques, glass, and metal panels among others.

High Quality

UV printing makes achieving the highest quality products a child’s play. Since the ink does not absorb into the substrate but hardens on top, sharpness and vibrant finishes are easily achievable.

Resistance to wear and tear

You can forget your worries about your new piece looking worn down after a while. This is because the resilience of UV printing to deterioration makes it a distant fret of the past.

Faster than lightening

Is the job done quickly? Check. High level of efficiency and productivity? Check. All thanks to the photo-mechanical process that dries the UV ink immediately, with none of it spreading. Now, operators can simply click check and save time.

If you have any inquiries or for future projects, kindly contact us at +97143306805 or email us at s[email protected]. We are certain that our new acquisition will help us create state-of-the-art products for you.

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