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The role of Braille Signage

‘Signage is extremely important’ – that’s something we’ve heard for the longest of times, and for good reason, because it’s not just right, it’s a fact. Signages are more than pretty color schemes, attractive signage, or even logos, but the fact that a consistent strategy helps with many things, for instance, it helps a company to be at the top of the consumer’s mind, it helps navigate the audience, it helps you to label office doors and other things among many others. But that’s for people who have no visual disabilities. The question remains, what about the others? How does a company’s signage reach those who can’t visually read? How do we make something that’s inclusive for all? Well, the answer to that is Braille signage, aka. Tactile Signage.

Braille Sign – What is it?

Braille is a system or a code of tactile writing that comprises raised dots. Those with visual imparities read this system through the form of touch by using their fingertips. A braille sign can be a custom tactile signage that includes this system and can be used for room signs, navigation signs, washroom signs among others, enabling visually impaired individuals to read. Although most people refer to Braille Signage as signage for the blind, they are actually referred to as Tactile Signage and Raised Letter Signs.

Braille signage – The Smart Decision

Now that we know that a Braille Signage or a Tactile Signage is, the next thing to ponder is why is including that a smart business decision for a company?

1. Easy Navigation

As mentioned, Braille signage or Tactile signage helps those who are blind or visually impaired to navigate on their own. Through the use of braille signs, you can make their lives easier and you get into their minds too. Besides, they don’t need to look dull either. So if you’re worried about that, we can design braille signage to be attractive for those who are visually capable, and one that goes along with your brand interior too, a win-win.

2. Brand Reputation

When a brand adds Braille Signs to their Signages, people notice and the brand’s reputation goes up. This is because your audience will see the brand as one that cares, and that increases the customers’ loyalty and entices potential customers to try it purely out of sentimentality and piqued interest.

If your brand is looking to add braille signages for the blind or visually impaired, contact us and our team will help you create braille signage that looks attractive and is effective at the same time!

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