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The Future of Printing is 3D Printing

The art of printing has been revolutionized throughout time. The techniques of printing have evolved to make the task simple and as efficient as possible. 3D printing is one of those printing techniques which only seemed like myth until a few years back. It was considered a thing of the future and well, this is the future. Considering that 3D printing machines were sold for thousands of dollars back in the day and can now be acquired for hundreds of dollars, it’s not long for its availability to match those of laser printers. 3D printing services could soon take over a lot of sectors in the industry including construction, advertising, printing toys, and more. Some even consider the implementation of 3D printing in day to day activities as the start of the second industrial revolution which could change the shape of millions of industries and individuals around the world.

3D printing in Dubai

3D Printing in Dubai

3D printing services

Taking UAE as an example, 3D printing in Dubai could really change the structure of the future for the advertising and infrastructure industry. Dubai is the hub for tourists and is well known for some of the best architectural wonders in the world and certainly never halts the process of technological advancements. Considering these facts, 3D printing could massively affect the UAE in the future by reducing the time for advertising and the cost-efficient manner of constructing infrastructure using massive 3D printers. Considering the progression rate of Dubai, it is certain to be one of the first few countries to utilize the emerging technology of 3D printing for majority of their activities in less than 10 years.

How does it even work?

3D printing in Chrysels

Even though 3D printing leads us to the dawn of a new future, how does it exactly work and help industries? If you really look into it, it is not that tough of a task and eliminates a whole lot of manual labor. The function of a normal inkjet printer and a 3D printer is quite the same, excluding a few things which makes the process of 3D printing appealing to watch. An inkjet printer basically prints a document or image broken down into one line at a time as opposed to a 3D printer that gathers the computer-generated 3D shape and breaks it down into one layer at a time. Furthermore, instead of spraying ink onto the paper, various different materials are used (mostly plastic) to 3D print the shape on a worktable. One of the most common methods of 3D printing is known as Fused Deposition Modelling, which is really not as complicated as it sounds. It is basically the process of fusing materials by melting it layer by layer to form a flexible or solid object.

How can it help me?

Now that we have established how it works, lets talk about the help it could provide to existing businesses.

3D printed models
  • Firstly, a massive advantage 3D printing has over the traditional ways of printing is that it is not limited to certain types of products. Being extremely flexible and can mold materials into almost any object which fits within the built volume of the printer.
  • Secondly, if you get a 3D printed object by a company that offers these services, you can expect the benefit of Rapid Prototyping, which is basically the skill to design and completely print a model in as little time as possible. Chrysels is one of the companies that could provide swift and high-quality 3D printing in Dubai.
  • Last but not the least, 3D printing offers a higher level of quality than traditional printing. Speaking in regard to the advertising industry, manufacturing acrylic signages using traditional methods leave room for errors, whereas 3D printing is a step-by-step creation of an object which guarantees enhancement of the actual design and a superior quality byproduct.

Chrysels is your One Stop Shop

3D printing services have started being prioritized by companies around UAE and will continually happen so in the future. Chrysels has seized this opportunity and introduced effective and cutting-edge 3D printers that use the FDM method to create models and signages of superior quality, tailored specifically to your requirement. We are constantly diversifying our advertising methods to bring you the best quality products that suit your stature and  serve as an apt representation for your company’s image.

Get 3D printed models and signages to showcase your company name in superior manner.

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Leave it to us to print stunning 3D models tailored to your preference.

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