Signage has always been about sales. Retail store signs have around 3 seconds to grab the attention of an average customer. During this brief moment in time, the sign should attract, inform and then persuade the customer to act. According to a recent survey, nearly 76% of people have entered a store or business they had never visited before simply by seeing the Signage which makes good signage an investment. And on the flip side nearly 50% of people suggested that a bad signage deters them from entering a store which makes bad signage a liability. This furthermore stresses upon the fact that a good signage should be well designed taking into account your brand identity and your target audience.

If you are about to invest money and effort in a new signage or revamp an existing one, it makes good sense to do it right, right from the start. As a leading Signage manufacturer with over a decade of experience in the Signage industry, we have compiled a list of 5 important tips to consider for getting your Signage right.

1.       Good logo design – A good logo should be distinctive and instantly associated with your business. If you are creating a new logo or updating an existing one, make sure to get it done by a professional designer to avoid any unpleasant surprises when the logo is enlarged on your Signage.

2.       Choose a legible type font– Classic type fonts are often the best choice for readability. Typefaces like Arial, Courier and Verdana are most legible. On the other hand fonts like Times Roman, Comic sans and papyrus are avoided by most Sign designers.

3.       Employ contrasting colors – You want your logo, text and images to stand out against the background. Choose letter colors that will contrast with the background color but at the same time not look gaudy.

4.       Opt for quality materials – Design, permission and installation expenses can add up, so it might be tempting to look for ways to cut costs elsewhere. Resist the temptation to shortchange quality of the Signage. Invest in premium materials which will help you make that all important first impression. Also, they will pay for themselves over time as a good quality Signage will last longer and look good by doing so!

5.        Know that size matters – Measure outdoor signage carefully for two reasons – Many city signage codes dictate the size of your signage and the other is the visibility at a distance of your Signage matters especially if motorists are your key prospects.

Our pro tip would be to get in touch with us for creative design, quality production and expert installation of all types of Signage solutions.

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