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Window Displays-Storytelling through Visual merchandising

Shopping is the art of persuasion, and most retailers would agree with us on this. All the visual elements around the stores directly or indirectly influence the shopper to react and here is where Window Displays play a very important role of grabbing the customer’s attention and influencing them to get interested in your products or services.

Window displays have evolved from mere mannequins displaying products to a medium of imaginative story telling. Through these stories, businesses can pull their audience into a narrative and evoke certain emotions that consumers associate with their brand, driving them to not only visit their store but also buy their products.

There are different types of Window displays, each one serves a different purpose.

Open back Window display – often used in fashion retail, Open back Window Displays don’t enclose the window space at all, with products on show(mostly mannequins) while also allowing the shopper to see the back of the store. This can be effective in well designed store environments, as it provides a glimpse into the interior.

Closed Window Display – This type of window display blocks the store from being displayed to the shopper and puts full focus on the products at display. This is gaining popularity because of the many ways of illuminating graphics that can be used to focus shopper’s attention.

Island displays – These displays can be viewed from all sides which allows shoppers to see the products in detail. Here the emphasis is on the lighting as it needs to overcome the ambient lighting in the surrounding area.

Corner Window Displays – These type of displays offers retailers the opportunity to communicate a story, as shoppers walk around the corners of the store. This can result in most imaginative displays, that can keep the attention focused on the window for more than just a momentary glance.

Chrysels has over a decade of experience and expertise in creating and installing a spectacular window display that will give you an edge over your competitor and drive more foot traffic to your store. Our team of creative designers will assist you in brainstorming window concepts that bring your products and services to life and our capability of complete in-house production using latest technology machines guarantees that your displays are compelling, perfect to every specification, and reliable.

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