Indoor signage as the name suggests these signs are placed inside the building or inside of an establishment, these signs serve to deliver a subtle message about the business, indoor signage is very important because it helps in brand identity, offers revealing directions, and so on.

 As important as outdoor signages are, it is also important to know the types and uses of indoor signage, using the right indoor signage for your business can benefit and elevate your organization’s growth, and if you go one step further, you’ll enjoy even greater advantages.

  • It aids in branding
  • It offers internal advertisements and information
  • It enhances your overall environment
  • It enables you to create a seasonal atmosphere
  • It aids you in meeting government regulatory requirements

Indoor signages in Dubai are cost-efficient compared to outdoor signages in Dubai, as it doesn’t require additional maintenance or advanced weather-protected material. High graphics with cost-efficient material can be used in indoor signages which will last longer as well.  

This article is a brief discussion on the category of indoor signage and its uses for any business.

Indoor signage is classified into nine major categories based on its application: digital displays, POP signs, wayfinding/directional signs, lobby/reception signs, banners and posters, wall and floor graphics, hanging signs, and 3D/channel letter signs.

Digital Display

A Digital display is a type of electronic display that shows multimedia content to an audience. This content can range from multimedia presentations to plain images and text.

The most common type of digital display is the LCD screen, which generates an image using liquid crystal cells. These LED digital displays can be used to display commercials, promotions, events, and infographics.

POP Signs

Point-of-Purchase (POP) sign Purchase signs get their names from their locations near where purchases are made. POP signage’s primary goal is to influence individual sales by marketing specific products at the locations where the signs are displayed.

They are purpose-built to attract attention and sell the product they represent. This influence does not guarantee sales, but it does increase product awareness and brand recognition.

Wayfinding/Directional Signs

Any type of sign that provides direction is considered Wayfinding signage. They exist to assist customers in finding their way without the need for lengthy explanations or complicated maps. Customers should be able to easily find their way to their destination, with signs directing them along the way.

These signs contribute to a positive customer experience while also enhancing a company’s reputation.

Lobby/Receptions signs

Any signs and graphics in your lobby or reception area are considered Reception signage. These frequently include the company name and logo, as well as any additional information, such as a business tagline.

While outdoor signs greet and invite customers into your space, indoor signs, such as lobby signs, welcome customers in. These can reinforce your outdoor messaging and help customers understand your brand.

Banners And Posters 

Banners and posters are primarily used for advertising, and marketing promoting the advertiser’s products or services. Its most common application is to promote brands, events, and products.

Posters typically include both textual and graphic elements, though a poster can be entirely graphical or entirely textual in contrast to fliers and posters, a BANNER post has a logo on it but no details.

Wall And Floor Graphics

Wall and floor graphics are Full-colour designs are printed, laminated (if necessary), and applied to the walls and floors of businesses, offices, showrooms, and anywhere else a large, impactful marketing piece is required.

Floor graphics in the vestibule that promote a business or give the entryway a high-end professional feel

Hanging Signs / Suspended Ceiling Signs  

Hanging signs/Suspended ceiling signs, as the name implies, are commonly found in higher areas, whether they are suspended from ceilings, store fixtures, or attached to walls. They are typically used in retail stores to help direct customers to specific products and services.

These signs can be used for many purposes like branding, marketing, direction, and so on  

3D/Channel Letter Signs

3D signage, also known as dimensional signage, incorporates dimensional elements such as raised graphics, logos, and letters. Unlike the 2D alternative with flat graphics, this type of signage has graphics projecting from its base and has more dept

Door Signs

A Door sign acts as an initial welcome to visitors, whether it’s the entrance to your home, a shop, or a company. These signs also give instructions, tell you what to expect next, keep untrained people out, provide emergency instructions in case of a fire, etc. Used in restaurants, office spaces, malls, hotels, theatres, and many other places.

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