Businesses are constantly searching ways to advertise and get their brands to be noticed. And with all the humongous billboards, street pole advertisements and other forms of advertising competing for consumers’ attention, it’s difficult to stand out.

Enter vehicle wrapping/branding, which is an eye-catching branding technique to catch hordes of customers on-the-go. It’s cost-effective, impactful and long-lasting solution that has the highest Return on Investment (ROI) compared to other advertising.

Consider this situation especially in Dubai when stuck in traffic, a branded vehicle passing by would surely create an attention of more than ten’s to thousands of potential customers per hour.

So, if you have a business that has vehicles that moves across places, then you’ve got a running advertising that you’re not taking full advantage of.

Benefits of Vehicle Branding

  1. Free – Advertising with highest ROI. Vehicle Branding only requires an initial one time investment involved in wrapping your vehicle.
  2. Protection – The vinyl wrapping protects vehicles original paint from nicks and scratches.

Few Tips to keep in Mind

Remember you’re driving your advertisement

Make sure you have a decent driver that follows road rules and drives safely. Your vehicle is representing your business 24/7.

Over speeding and road raging in a branded vehicle will only hurt marketing efforts.

Keep It Simple

The visuals and designs should be eye catchy but make sure to use fonts that easily visible from far off distance. You don’t want it to make it cluttered and confuse the viewers.

Stay away from poor quality images/illustrations

Your aim is in creating an impression and not hurt your brand image. Using poor images or illustrations will only create a negative impression of the business.


Now, are you ready to wrap your vehicle? Chrysels Digital Advertising can help you with that. Contact us now.

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