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Make a Lasting Impression with Eye-Catching Custom Flags in Dubai

Custom Flags— Custom Flags are created with your own designs, logos and messages in a variety of flag sizes. Using custom flag is a great way to rise above the crowd and get noticed. Custom flags are one of the best ways to make an impact on the general public. Well-designed flags are a bold-marketing choice that stands out from a sea of digital ads and emails. Flags have several advantages over other forms of advertising as they are easy to produce, durable, easy to transport and versatile. Even in a world that emphasizes digital marketing, we must not forget the power of traditional marketing methods. When it comes to improving visibility, custom flags cannot be beat.  At Chrysels Group, we specialize in creating custom flags in Dubai that have both striking aesthetic appeal and significant symbolic meaning. Our cutting-edge printing procedures guarantee vivid colors, fine details, and outstanding durability whether you require flags for promotional events, trade exhibits, or corporate branding. Our team of knowledgeable experts carefully considers every detail to make sure that your flags radiate professionalism and make a positive impression.

Discover Our Personalized Flag Printing Services

Pole Flags— these are outdoor flags that offer long visibility and suitable for permanent use. We also provide custom flagpole for hoisting these custom printed flags. They offer very high visibility. Suitable for outdoor use. Our aluminum and fiberglass poles are best for hoisting these flags.

Angled flags— Angled flags are ideal for displaying your brand logo and making it visible at a distance in a crowded area. They are usually installed on the sides of the building.

Car Flags— As the name suggests, car flags are secured on cars. They can either be single sided or double sided. These are widely used during promotions and national day celebrations.

Curve/ Feather Flags— Curve/feather flags are mainly used for advertising your brands at events. Unlike traditional flags they do not need to wind to convey your message which makes them perfect for usage all year around. Our offered double-sized feather flags would draw more attention to your business.

H/Straight Flags–Versatile, Free standing H flags allows to market your business both at indoor and outdoor venues. These flags are made of an impressive polyester banner with a vivid dye sublimated fabric print ensures that your graphics won’t run or fade no matter what the weather brings. A heavy duty base or a stake is added to secure the flag.

Hand Flags—Hands Flags can be customized in a multitude of ways which makes them perfect for various events. These flags are mostly in demand during national day’s celebrations, at high school and college sports events and large outdoors events as handouts.

Reception Flags—Ideal for official events and business conferences. Made of lustrous satin fabric with an option to add frills. The flag people can be gold or silver in color and custom made according to requirement.

Table/Desk Flags— made using high quality satin fabric, displayed on a chrome pole a display base that has a thin foam protective based on the underside.

Teardrop/ Eye drop Flags—Advertising is made simple yet effective using Tear-drop flags. These printed advertising flags are eye-catching with vivid colors remarkable style. They have images on the front and read reverse on the back. They are ideal for promoting a sale, product launch and all types of marketing events.

Telescopic Flags—fully collapsible and compact flags with single or doubled sided print options available. An aluminum tubular pole and a plastic water base are provided with the flag.

Unveiling the Finest Materials: Our Flag Printing Services Offer Premium Quality

Digital Printing— With this type of fabric printing, your custom artwork is printed digitally on a large format inkjet printer. A big advantage to choosing a digitally printed flag is there are generally no minimum order requirements. Digital printing methods can print photographs and fine details too, providing more options when selecting your flag. However, a digitally printed flag does not offer the same the ink penetration as silk-screening, so your flag will look noticeably higher on the reverse side. This can be fixed by purchasing a double-sided flag is necessary: two digitally printed flags are sewn back to back, providing the same density of color. After printing, flags go through a series of baths of cold and hot water and are dried. Finally, flags are trimmed and hemmed before a reinforcing strip is applied to the top and one side of the cloth. Grommets are then inserted and the flags are packed up for the shipment.

Dye Sublimation Printing—Flags printed with the dye sublimation process combine the best of both worlds. You get the richness in color from silk-screening with the photographic abilities of digital printing. The artwork is initially printed onto transfer paper with the reverse image of final graphic. Then, the image is transferred with the heat press onto polyester fabric at temperatures hitting at 375 F. While the fabric is heated under this high temperature and pressure, the dyes turn into gases which permeate and solidify into the flag’s fibers. The design is now permanently fixed so it can be washed without risk of damaging the image’s quality. There are generally no minimum order requirements for dye sublimated flags. Since this printing process dyes through the fabric, the opposite side will display about 15% lighter and in reverse. A double-sided dye sublimated display requires two panels sewn together and separated by a pocket or opaque liner to avoid the other side showing through.

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