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How You Can Benefit From Promotional Advertising Flags

Everybody’s lives are greatly impacted by flags because they stand for various things, including their nation, group culture, brand, and emotions. At one point or another in our lives, we have all raised the flag and felt incredibly proud. doesn’t it? So, it’s critical to have it printed in the proper location to feel the same when you see or hold it next time. Quality, dimension, fabric, and material are all things to take into account when printing a flag. Any of these compromises would lower the flag’s status and prevent it from serving its intended purpose.

Chrysels is a place where we comprehend the significance of flags and their characteristics while keeping in mind that flags are more than just a piece of cloth. With long-standing years of experience and serving thousands of clients for the past 15 years, we are well versed in printing all kinds of flags and the choices we offer for types of flag printing are limitless. Pole Flag Printing, Car Flags, Feather Flags, Hand Flags, H Flags, Eye Drop Flags, Teardrop Flags, Reception Flags, Telescopic Flags, and Table Flags, are a few to name.

Flags All Types

Flag printing is a versatile advertising tool that comes in diverse shapes and sizes and can be used in any location, indoor or outdoor. All these flags are meant to serve different purposes based on the occasion or events. Generally, flags are a form of identity and these identities can be shown on different levels, namely, advertisement, messaging, decoration, patriotism, etc., and many of the flags fall under advertisement. And Chrysels is among the best advertising companies available because we collaborate on signage, acrylic fabrication, large-format printing, uv-printing and 3D printing. Chrysels is a one-stop shop for comprehensive advertising.

Advertising Flags

Angled Flags

Angled flags follow the shape of your angled wall flagpole. These flags are ideal for displaying a brand and logo and making them visible in crowded areas. They are usually inserted on the sides of the building.

Feather Flag

Feather flags are mainly used for outdoor advertising, where one of the ends of the flags is loose, and swings in the wind like a feather.

Teardrop Flags

The teardrop is an advertising flag. These flags are eye-catching due to their shape and can be used both indoors and outdoor Advertising.

H Flags

Versatile, free-standing H Flags allows you to market your business both at indoor and outdoor venues. These flags are made of an impressive polyester banner with a vivid dye sublimated fabric print that ensures your graphics won’t run or fade no matter what the weather brings. A heavy-duty base or stake is added to secure the flag.

When the flag printing process gets started, the design team at Chrysels makes sure of the design or redesigning of both custom-made and mass-produced flags. Once the design is finalized by the client, the next important step is the selection of the fabric. When it comes to printing, we use the finest fabric and follow both digital and screen-printing methods based on the requirements.

Flag Pole Supplier

As no flag can fly without a flag pole, we also provide flagpoles and flag weight bases depending upon the venue and area of installation.

Construction Pole Or Mast

These are the tallest post, generally used to hoist the national flag, and government flags these flag poles are around12 feet long, and every single pole is a combination of two more individual sections.

Self-Supporting Or Telescoping Flagpole

These poles are the same as construction poles however these are self-supporting flagpoles relying on internal bracing

Guyed Flagpole

The base on this type of pole consists of lower and upper sections that are fastened together by guy wires or anchor lines. These poles are typically made from aluminum, with sections ranging between 50 feet and 70 feet tall. However, some have been known to be much more prominent in height.

Order with us to have your custom design flags.

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