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Techniques of Fabric Printing in Dubai

In the last section of our fabric printing blog, we discussed about the meaning of fabric printing and what are the advantages of fabric printing in Dubai. Now that we know what fabric printing is, lets dive in to the techniques of fabric printing. 

Fabric Printing Techniques

When it comes to fabric printing, there are quite a few methods of achieving it. The factors that goes into deciding what method of fabric printing to choose depends on the durability, the usage of it, among other deciding factors for fabric printing. 

1. Dye Sublimation For Fabric Printing in Dubai

Dye-sublimation, a method of fabric printing, can be considered as a multi-step process that creates some incredible results amongst all methods of fabric printing. In this process, a thermal transfer paper is used to print the designs and that’s what’s called the dye sublimation paper. It’s this dye sublimation paper that’s used for creating prints on fabrics. 

It involves directly printing onto the texture utilizing unique fabric sublimation inks, then, ‘sealing’ it in through heat press or printing the picture onto a carrier paper and later exerting heat to pass the fabric print and ‘fix’ it to the fabric from the carrier. 

The advantage of using this technique of fabric printing is that your fabric remains as soft as it was, not to mention that this deep infusion technique of fabric printing makes your print forever long. 

2. Transfer Paper Method for Fabric Printing in Dubai

Another method of fabric printing is one in which you use transfer paper, a process that’s quite similar to the dye sublimation method. Transfer paper is a special paper that can be purchased from stationery shops, craft shops, and surprisingly even in a few general stores such as supermarkets. 

This method of transfer paper can be done both individually at a household or professionally, depending on the usage, need, and the quantity of the items that are needed to be fabric printed. If done at a household level, you can create your fabric print using a regular printer at home by printing your design onto a transfer paper. Whereas if it’s needed to be done professionally at an upscaled level, it’ll require a larger run. The main thing to keep in mind is the fact that this method of fabric printing will leave a surface-level texture on the fabric. 

Unlike dye sublimation, the transfer paper method of fabric printing can fade, crack or peel in the long run since it isn’t a permanent fabric printing method. 

3. UV Printing Method for Fabric Printing in Dubai

UV printing is another method of fabric printing, it’s a kind of large format printing that utilizes ultraviolet lights to dry ink promptly as and when it’s being printed, bringing about a spotless, top-notch item with no hint of spread ink. This is additionally an eco-friendly digital fabric printing measure as it delivers practically no warmth, unpredictable natural mixtures (VOC), or scent. A Flatbed UV printer empowers the printing cycle on thicker substrates, for example, acrylic while keeping up the excellent.

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