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Fabric Printing: High quality and low cost?

‘Nothing of premium quality can be found at a low cost’ – We’ve all heard this, haven’t we? We probably can’t even begin to count the number of times we’ve said or heard this from a second party. But, hold on. It’s not true! Or at least, it’s not true in the case of fabric printing. Fabric Printing is one of those very few things in which one actually can get premium quality products at an affordable and a low cost. 

Fabric Printing in Dubai

Most of you might know what digital fabric printing but for those who don’t, digital fabric printing is when colorants or more known as digital files are printed onto a fabric with a special inkjet printer. A roll of fabric is inserted large-format inkjet printer and the respective design is then printed onto the fabric. Think of digital fabric printing in Dubai as a bigger process of when you print a photo or a paper using your inkjet printer at an office, home, or an internet cafe.

Fabric Printing in Dubai

Advantages of Fabric Printing in Dubai

Now that we know what fabric printing is, let’s jump into some more of the benefits of fabric printing in Dubai.

1. Environmental Friendly

The fact about fabric printing is that there’s absolutely no requirement to wash the rotary screens for applying new colors. Digital fabric printing uses extremely low power and also low water consumption in comparison to conventional printing methods. Not just that, digital fabric printing also uses substantially less ink whilst minimizing waste in comparison to screen printing.

2. High Resolution, High Accuracy

The main benefit in terms of printing with digital fabric printing is that digital fabric printing has the ability to control the drop size of the ink through the inkjet print head, thereby having easy control on its precision. This makes sure that the accuracy of the color for your digital fabric printing design is not just one with high resolution but perfect accuracy.

3. Low Cost

Unlike traditional printing, fabric printing has no need for screen engraving or color separation, thereby decreasing the cost of printing signages significantly. Moreover, there is also a high amount of control, decreasing the costs of any overheads such as spillovers.

Interested in switching to using digital fabric printing products in Dubai? As one of the leading fabric printing companies in Dubai, we’d love to help you switch and get the best products in the industry. At Chrysels, we provide a wide range of fabric printing products that caters to a variety of requirements for our clients. To name a few, we provide advertising tents and umbrellas, banners,  fabric A stands, fabric displays, fabric light boxesflag printing or even custom branding among others. 

Contact us at [email protected] or call us at +971 4 330 6805. Let’s get switching to fabric printing in Dubai!

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