In the current age of technological advancement, companies need to constantly adapt to the preferences of the customers to stay ahead in the market, especially in the marketing and advertising sector where it is extremely important to keep the customer engaged as their behavioral patterns are constantly changing. Floor Graphics are one of the recently introduced techniques to showcase products and graphics in an eye-catching manner.

We at Chrysels provide a vast range of Floor Graphics of various sizes which are completely customizable and designed for your comfort. We all know that majority of people look at their phone and walk nowadays and we are also taught to look down while walking which makes us susceptible to viewing floor graphics more than normal window advertising’s. Chrysels has utilized this technique extremely efficiently as we provide high quality graphics with unique designs which are certain to catch the eye of a customer. During this time of the pandemic, we have also taken upon ourselves to design and print out Social Distancing Floor Graphics for companies to promote safety by reminding customers to maintain a 2-meter distance.

Let’s discuss a few benefits of advertising floor graphics and how can it replace and complement other techniques of advertising products.

  • To start off with the most obvious and efficient benefit, there is no requirement for a wall and any kind of hanging hardware for this kind of an installment. So, compared to traditional signages, it is extremely cost-efficient and amazing to look at.
  • High Quality graphic stickers also prove to be amazing eye-catching content even in crowded areas and as it is waterproof, it can be used in outdoor spaces without causing any hassle.
  • Now the key to creating an outside of the box technique is to make it unique. Well, I can’t think of anything as unique as a bright graphic sticker under your feet. Can you? As mentioned earlier, people tend to ignore traditional signages due to their behavior pattern. Now that we can target this pattern, it kind of creates a memorable impression on the customer.

Well, if being cost-efficient and unique is not enough then I don’t know what is. At Chrysels, our list of benefits surpasses all these check boxes. So, what are you waiting for?

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