Flag Printing

This article is all about the basic steps involved in flag printing and also a short description of the methods of flag printing in dubai.

The flag printing process starts in the design department, where the designers develop and adapt the design to the required size and shape as per the client’s requirement. As flags come in different sizes and shapes namely, a feather flag, eye drop flag, H flag, telescopic flag, etc. these sizes and shapes of the flag are adjusted by the designers at the initial stage as per the client’s requirement.

Once the color, design, & dimension is finalized, the next step in the flag printing process is to select the method of flag printing

The two methods of flag printing generally that we use at seen in flag printing Dubai is

  • Dye Sublimation Flags
  • Digital Print Flags

Dye Sublimation Flags

Flag printing with a Dye sublimation flag printing process makes it possible to be rich in color with photographic effects, letting us understand how this works. Your design is printed onto the transfer paper at the initial stage, then this printed paper with the design is fed to the fabric heat transfer machine where the printed design is transferred onto the fabric at the temperature of 375F.

These printed fabrics can be varying materials as per the requirement, it can be Satin, knitted polyester, textile banner, block-out fabric, stretchable media, etc. 

Digital Print Flags

Digital flag printing: Your custom artwork can be digitally printed on a large format inkjet printer with this type of fabric printing. One advantage of using digital printing is that we can print a minimum of one flag in other words no minimum order is required, Digital printing can also print photos and fine details, giving you more options when choosing a logo. However, because digitally printed flags do not have the same ink permeability as screen-printed flags, the reverse side of your flag will appear significantly lighter. This issue can be solved by purchasing a double-sided logo, which involves sewing two digitally printed logos back to back to achieve the same color density.

Once the printing is done, the flag is then passed to the tailoring department where the excess fabric is trimmed, and the edges get stitched by our expert tailors, at last, the flags get delivered or installed on to the flag pole which is weather protected that serve various advertising purposes.

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