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Chrysels Digital invests in Teckwin from Heliozid Océ

Chrysels Digital Advertising LLC, Dubai invested in Teckwin UV roll to roll printer TS 5000HF from Heliozid Océ. 
Talking about their investment, Samuel Thomas, director-marketing from Chrysels Digital, commented,

“The machine was purchased on October and the installation was made in November. The print quality and speed of the machine was very good compared to other products in the industry. We have been having a good relationship with Heliozid for a long time and this is our first machine we purchased from them. We are already in the textile printing industry for a while and currently the requirements we are getting is for the 5 meter jobs which is one of the reason we invested in this machine. Again, the number of events in the country is going high so the demand for these jobs are higher and in order to accommodate all these we went for this machine.”

He further added, “Teckwin is there in the industry for more than a decade and their machines were well recognized in the market for their quality output. In the same way, the print quality output which we achieve from the machine was very good when it is combined with the ink flow. Finally, the machine is almost 25% cheaper than the other brands in the market.”

Original Article Written by Venkat Raghavan for Printweekmea

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