What is Carpet Printing?

Fabric printing is an extremely vast concept within the large format printing sector with endless possibilities of printing options on fabric materials for advertising and marketing purposes. Nowadays, digital prints can be imprinted on various kinds of fabrics like Knitted Polyester, Satin Media, and Block Out Media.  

Moreover, despite the various options of fabric printing, Carpet Printing is one of the popular kinds of printing that is paving its way into the world. In a place like Dubai, carpets are given a lot of importance to households and on the floorings of companies as well. This trend is widely followed around the whole of UAE due to the traditional and cultural prerogatives of the local community in Dubai which is one of the reasons it has made its way through the advertising and marketing sector as well. Carpet printing services have been used for printing carpets for promotional purposes such as in exhibitions and events to add a unique and classy touch to the company itself. Printing customized carpets may showcase the products of a company, or may have something unique printed, drawing the eye of the customer towards the carpet. This kind of marketing tactic has been effective to companies on roadshows and events as people tend to look down when something is different.

But, why has carpet printing stolen the show in Dubai?

Firstly, there are unparalleled amounts of color options available for Carpet Printing, due to the capability of high processing and high-quality printers. Effective use of digital dye infusion allows the printer to integrate gradations of color onto the carpet. Companies can have their brand logos or any kind of offers imprinted on the carpet to showcase on events which would attract the public’s attention.

Secondly, apart from the unlimited color options, printed carpets also offer to create large scale striking patterns and high-quality visual effects which are certain to catch a by passers attention. Designs can be made either to complement the vision of the company or may be completely unique and creative just for the customers.

Last but not the least, printed carpets are completely reusable because of the quality of the print. Digitally printed carpets are not a piece of cake for everybody due to the requirement of an advanced and high-quality printer. So, the final product is always astonishing due to the detail and high quality of print on the carpet which makes it reusable and durable for more than one event throughout a span of time.

What do we offer?

We at Chrysels commit to offer you the highest quality of print, using cutting edge technology for a high-resolution result. We provide UV Flatbed printing services, capable of printing on numerous kinds of materials including carpets. This helps us provide you with the highest quality of promotional carpets to showcase the pride of your company. We are a leading manufacturer in fabric printing and getting our roots into carpet printing gives us yet another opportunity to serve you with the best quality fabric printing services.

To get the best from us,

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Leave it to us to print stunning carpets tailored to your preference.

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