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Canvas Prints- An Indispensable element in Home or Office decor

Canvas photo prints are gaining popularity nowadays. They decorate homes, offices, restaurants, shops, etc. One of the best ways to easily and cheaply personalizing your home decor is to use canvas prints that are stress-free, personalized, and fun.

A canvas print is an image that was created to reproduce images on a canvas. It is usually made in a square or rectangular shape. The lines are usually stretched over fundamental wooden frames, but can also be fitted into visible frames, which are usually made to suit your needs.

Our personalized canvas photo printing is durable, flexible, and moisture resistant so that your precious memories can be preserved. Our printings processes use high-resolution UV printing technology to reproduce photos on the selected lenses to ensure that your prints truly appear in real-life colors. You can also choose wooden frames from us for your canvas.

With our museum-quality canvas prints, turn your photos into a personalized wall decoration for your home or office space. We make designing your canvas easy and provides you with 100% satisfaction with your creation.

The decorative canvas allows people to make their homes and workplaces more individual and remove plain walls with little money spent. Moreover, nearly every picture can be printed there.

Type of photos can you print on canvases

Choose high-quality photos with focused subjects which also have high resolution and clear backgrounds. Pictures taken from your smartphone or social media are ideal for small photo images, while larger canvas images require those taken from digital cameras to give the best results.

Uses of Canvas Prints

  • For home or office decor- Canvas prints are used extensively by owners or interior designers to decorate homes and offices. Both custom/stock canvases are included.
  • Framing Artwork- Let’s suppose painting is your hobby or you like artworks, and you would like them to be secure with you for a long time. Here can do canvas prints that can beautify your space which can also be long-lasting
  • As Gifts- You can give your friends and family canvas prints that share their delightful memories. Something would preserve life memories.
  • For Exhibition Purposes- this point is mainly for artists who would want to print their artworks on canvases to present their work in an exhibition. This can grab the attention of many.

Tips to maintain your Canvas Prints

Canvas is considered very long-lasting and can be used for decades. However, you have to take care of them to make them look as incredible as the day you first saw them. You must take into account the following if you want your canvas to serve for ages:

  • Do not expose a canvas for a long time in direct sunlight; otherwise, the print may be damaged. Naturally, if a print spends some time in the sun, nothing will happen. The important thing is to prevent direct sunlight for a longer duration.
  • The canvases are normally water-safe, but the use of water to clean them is not recommended. Take a dry duster or a piece of tissue and remove all the dust. It is best to take it off immediately with a dry material if some water is poured into the print.
  • The canvas can also be harmed by excessive hotness or humidity. Therefore, don’t place a poster where temperature and humidity constantly change.
  • Clean the canvases very carefully in such a way that, there are no dents.

With our advanced technology involving UV printing and personalized canvas printing services, we are looking to change the printing business. Our matt finished canvas and matte lamination give a finished appearance. To obtain high-quality canvas printing or large format printing services in Dubai, contact Chrysels. Our specialists can help you to turn all your beloved virtual photos and moments into canvas artworks through our personalized printing services. By reviving your memories through these prints, Chrysels makes canvas printing and framing effortless for you.

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