Banners are primarily intended to serve as advertisements, and these banners help to promote the business through offline channels, thereby increasing the company’s visibility among its target customers. We at Chrysels are specialists in creating custom banners as per the requirements of the client.

The following categories make up the majority of display banners:

Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are printed on vinyl. This makes them highly resistant to wind. The small holes on the banner allow the wind to pass through it. This further enhances the durability of the banner. Outside, these are primarily used as a one-sided sign. Created with UV, abrasion-resistant ink, they are more resistant to tearing. They are installed using eyelets. The use of eyelets to install the banners not only makes them highly resistant to winds but also increases their durability

Vinyl banner printing

Printed on premium quality vinyl material, these banners are one of the most popularly used banners across events and trade shows. Their weather-resistant nature makes them a great choice for outdoor advertising. They are usually installed using pole pockets, reinforced eyelets, and corners. Not to mention, they are very affordable. Their versatile design and lightweight nature make them easy to transport, install, and store

Flex Banners

One of the most common types of printing is flex banner printing in Dubai. It digitally prints images and text on flexible materials. It is frequently used for outdoor events. The long-lasting material is ideal for withstanding wind, rain, or snow for extended periods of time. Additionally, the versatility of flex banner printing makes it an ideal solution for many occasions such as trade shows, conventions, birthday parties, or even sports events

Canvas Banners

Incredibly beautiful, canvas banners are mainly used indoors. The texture, look, and feel of these banners make them look like paintings. This type of display banner has eyelets on the four corners

PVC Banners

PVC banners are the most common type of product you will come across in your day-to-day life. economical and extensively used for short- and long-term purposes. Available in a range of widths ranging from 1 m to 5 m without joints. PVC banners are a highly versatile, cost-effective solution for many short- and long-term applications, these banners typically have holes along all four edges, so they can be attached to a gate, mesh, or wall, for example.

Backlit Flex Banner

Backlit flex banners are used when you have lights pointing into the back of the banner. It is a white, opaque substrate with a 510-gsm thickness. These banners have high transmittance. They are specially coated for digital printing. They are perfect for displaying vibrant and eye-catching visuals both indoors and outdoors

Fabric banner printing

Digitally printed fabric banners are extensively used at events, malls, and indoor branding areas. These banners are made of fabric and are used extensively in ceiling cladding, backdrops, hanging banners, wooden frames, structural build-ups, and much more. They come in many different shapes and sizes and are printed using high-quality digital ink to create vivid colors that will really pop

Blockout Fabric Banner

For places where you already have existing graphics or where you totally want to block out the background, we use blackout fabric. Vibrant printing and ease of use make it a hot product.

Paper Banner

As the name implies, paper prints are printed on paper. They lack resistance to the elements outside. Even though these papers are of high calibre, they are best used indoors. They are frequently seen at indoor exhibitions or trade shows, where they are typically exquisitely printed in full colour. Paper banners are a great choice for those who want to advertise or announce their message indoors

Please tell us which banner you’d like to use for your upcoming event, brand advertising, store promotions, or anything else.

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