3D printing has been a topic of many conversations in quite a few industries, and for good reason. We already scratched the surface of the 3D printing in Dubai iceberg in our last post, now we’ll dive in a little deeper. Like we said earlier in our previous blog post about 3D printing, 3D printing service is no more the future, it’s well past its beginning stages and is exponentially becoming mainstream. So much so, that a 3D printed house has already hit the market for sale a few days back in Riverhead, New York, for just $300,000! Yes, you read that right, just $300,000 in New York.

Clearly, they’re not the traditional printers that’ll get you 2-dimensional boring products, 3D printing is a whole different league, a revolution if you’d call it, something that’s transforming operations and cutting cost by the daily. So, the question remains, exactly what can we 3D print using 3D printers, and what’s the extent of this transformation?


This is the basics. Additive manufacturing started out as solutions for prototypes, an easy and affordable way for a company to transform its design into a tangible reality using the services of a 3D printing company in Dubai. And now, additive manufacturing has become more than that, it’s transformed industries and the way they create, which is what leads us to the following.

Houses to Space

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, a 3D printed house has gone up for sale, and an incredible price point! And that’s just the beginning of how our products and operations can transform.

The health industry has already started using 3D printing to create dental implants, hearing aids, and much more. Whilst the space industry? Well, that’s an astounding case of NASA using 3D printed products in space since they don’t have to waste thousands of dollars in carrying a huge cargo of spare parts to space.

Okay, so what about advertising?

The world is already exponentially moving towards 3D printing. With the help of 3D printing companies in Dubai, one can use 3D printed products to create items that range from 3D printed prototypes to all kinds of promotional merchandise such as USB sticks, mugs, cardholders, and much more!

The only thing one has to wonder is how soon before we partake in this revolution and transform our operations?

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